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                                                                                                                 Best Sex Toys For Men

 Growing up, it was always there for you. It never failed you, and always delivered the exact pleasure you wanted, as fast as you wanted or needed it. It never cost a dime and never brought you any drama. That’s right guys; I’m talking about your hand. Growing up, your hand was perfect, simple, free, and knew what you wanted, however you’re men and that means it’s time to upgrade. Since, you’re no longer a boy; you should treat yourself to a sex toy for a man, after all, you deserve it. After years of use, your trusty hand might just not be doing the job anymore. If you’re tired of your toes not curling and your mind being blown every time you engage in self-love or sex than these toys will definitely change your life for the better. With toys like: penis pumps, cock rings, prostate stimulators, sleeve masturbators, realistic love dolls, penis extensions/penis sleeves, vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, or anal beads, your old ways of pleasure will be a thing of the past and pure ecstasy will be in your future.

Penis Pumps:
Penis pumps are designed to increase the girth and length of your penis temporarily by engorging it with blood. Unlike most pumps, penis pumps do not pump your member full of air; instead they remove the air, temporarily increasing your erection size. If you’ve ever been concerned with the size of your member, a penis pump can help rid you of worries. With a penis pump, take back your confidence and bring it into the bedroom.

Cock rings:
 Cock rings are designed to fit around the base of the penis and are primarily designed to slow the flow of blood to the erect penis in order to maintain an erection for a longer period of time. Sometimes it can be placed around the base of the penis as well as the scrotum in an effort to delay ejaculation. Essentially, cock rings are made to keep men lasting longer and making them the champions of the bedroom. Some cock rings vibrate, which allows pleasure for both parties, making his member vibrate at the base. Others have clitoral or anal stimulators, or even both. These cock rings have vibrating bullets or probes to stimulate the clitoris or anus during sex as well as maintaining his study erection. Cock rings come in all different shapes and sizes and can even be shaped as animals like bears, bats, elephants, or hippos just to bring something different into the bedroom. While cock rings will keep you lasting longer, the ones with vibrators will bring added pleasure for both your partner and you.

Prostate Stimulators:
Regardless of sexual orientation, one of the best ways a man can achieve his strongest orgasm is from stimulation of the prostate gland. Most men might think that insertion of fingers or any object into the rectum in order to stimulate the prostate is simply a homosexual behavior, they’re wrong. Homosexual and heterosexual males enjoy prostate stimulation equally. Sometimes the prostate is referred to as the male g-spot, the p-spot. Prostate stimulators can come in many forms. From glass p-spot stimulators that can be put in the freezer to chill or put in the sunlight to be warmed up. To vibrating p-spot stimulators that offer vibrations, often many different speeds, to fit your exact desires. To probes, which are much like the glass but made of out other materials. Some of these stimulators are shaped to resemble a penis, others are slender and sleek, and others are ribbed or have knobs on them. These prostate stimulators are diverse so that every man can get just what they’re looking for.

Sleeve Masturbators:
Sleeve masturbators are designed to help you achieve your climax while participating in self-love. Designed so you can put your member inside and hold onto it with your hand and manually reach your climax, these masturbators come in many different designs. Some are made of clear jelly like material to be comfortable around the penis and especially designed for the man that likes to watch. These clear jelly materials may be ribbed on the inside to feel like the inside of a vagina or anus, they may be sleek on the inside, or may have ticklers in order to provide a unique sensation. These masturbators are designed so you can watch your member grow in your hands. There are some masturbators, which may also be known as strokers, which may vibrate in order to provide more stimulation while pleasuring yourself. Then there are masturbators that look realistic. These realistic masturbators are designed to not only look, but to feel like the real thing. Designed to either look like a vagina or an anus, they have feel real material, like cyber skin, to resemble the real thing without the drama of a real person. These realistic masturbators can even resemble a mouth so you can feel like you’re receiving oral sex, but this mouth will do whatever you ask without any lip.

Realistic Love Dolls:
Realistic love dolls are specially designed for the man that wants a romantic encounter with another man or woman without the hassle and drama. Some love dolls are only designed to be of certain body parts, like breasts and vagina of a woman, vagina, voluptuous ass, and anus of a woman, penis, testicles, and anus of a man, or could be life size life like dolls. These sex dolls are made to resemble the real thing, with their feel real material, such as cyber skin, and made for sex whenever you’re ready and willing. Some are made waterproof so you can take your play into the shower, Jacuzzi, or bathtub. These realistic love dolls will take all the hassle out of sex, while still making it enjoyable for you. Realistic love dolls come in all different shapes, genders, sizes, and can also be uniquely designed to fit your every desire.

Penis Extensions/ Penis Sleeves:
Penis extensions and penis sleeves are created to add girth and length to your member. These are placed over the penis before sex and while they will increase the size and girth they will also help you maintain your erection longer. Many of the penis extensions and sleeves come with ribs, knobs, or other things that will drive your partner crazy as you have sex. These will help you regain your confidence in the size of your member, and will help you take back control in the bedroom. Penis extensions and penis sleeves will definitely surprise your partner and pack the punch you’ve been looking for.

Anal vibrators are designed for anal stimulation. Some are made to look like a real penis and feel much like one as well. Vibrators have an added punch of vibration, while dildos do not. Dildos come in all different shapes and sizes and can be made out of many different kinds of materials. Dildos can be made from feel real material or even from material such as glass. Glass dildos are designed to look elegant and classy while still providing much pleasure. Easy to clean, and easy to look at glass dildos are definitely a top seller. Other dildos are made out of silicone in an array of colors or even from cyber skin to look and feel like a real man’s manhood. Vibrators are much the same and can look very much like the real thing or be in a right color. Vibrators are usually made from PVC, silicone, or plastic. Some dildos and vibrators are waterproof so that you can take your play into the shower. Most anal vibrators and dildos are usually slender for easy insertion, however if they are designed to stimulate the prostate they have bulbous ends in order to feel the prostate easier and provide better stimulation.

Butt Plugs/Anal Beads:
Butt plugs allow you to gently stretch open the anus in order to make anal play more pleasurable. Butt plugs can be used solo or with a partner and can gradually open the anus for the insertion of other toys, fingers, or a penis. Some butt plugs vibrate, while others to not. The ones that vibrate can stimulate the prostate while stretching the anus. Anal beads are a string of spheres that gradually get larger in size. They are intended to be inserted and removed from the anus at any desired speed in order to achieve a higher orgasm. Anal beads can come in a variety of colors, even glow in the dark, and typically come with a retrieval ring or string at the end for easy removal. Some anal beads even vibrate for added pleasure. These toys are not designed to be completely placed in the rectum, and designed for easy retrieval for pleasure without worries. Anal beads can be made from any number of materials such as: glass, rubber, latex, silicone, or plastic.

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