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Buy a dildo harness at Vibeshop. We sell many Dildo Harness sex kits. Vibeshop is one of the leading Dildo Harness sex shop in the US. We carry only high quality dildo harness sex toys.

For a strap-on to be used by a man please click on the following category: Hollow Dildo Harness
If you are looking for just the harness without the dildo please check the following category: Adjustable Dildo Harness


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Strap on Dildos are Great Lesbian Adult Sex Toys:

Strap on dildos are terrific sex toys for lesbian couples. Many are designed to bring sexual pleasure to both women with vibrating clit stimulators and double dong strap ons. Women can use sex toys to fulfill each other’s sexual desires. Strap on dildos often come with removable dildos so that the size of the dong you are entering your woman with can vary, such as the Beginner Harness Strap-On Kit and the Ultra Harness II Ultra Realistic 8 inch. Some of optional dildos for your strap on give the woman clitoral stimulation as well as penetrating action. It feels great when the sex toy is giving pleasure to both women at the same time and the double dong and one dong with clitoral vibrator on opposite side are great adult sex toys for women to share the pleasure in.

Strap ons can be a great sex toy for women of any sexual orientation:

Many strap ons are designed as a sex toy for a single woman’s pleasure. There are strap on vibrators sex toys just for clitoral vibrating pleasure for women. Clit strap ons are excellent to use while having sex with your partner because they enhance the clit and allow the woman to be penetrated while still wearing the clitoral sex toy. The clitoral strap ons keep the vibrators in place and meet the needs of a woman to relax during sex

Styles and Features of Strap-ons:

Women love stylish sex toys that add extra beauty and eye candy to any sexual encounter. Some of hottest and most functional strap-ons women sex toys are the corsets which hold the dildo sex toy of choice in place by using the woman’s strong body for the tight harness. These Fetish corsets are crotch less so the woman with the strap on dildo sex toy can also be entered and fondled during sex. The Vinyl Crotch-less corset strap on comes in pink with white , black with red and also plus sized in black. One of the newest strap ons is the Wireless Power Harness 2.

One of the best selling strap on dildos for lesbian women is the Double Delight strap-on and this sex toy penetrates both women at the same time and is curved and purple. Another great double dong is Taylor’s Double G spot Strap-On Dildo. Those double dongs are harness with a panty harness while many of these sex toys are harnessed with straps around the thighs and waist of the woman. Another goodie for lesbians is the Strap-On Butterfly Dildo vibrator that stimulates this full clit, while adding a dildo and an anal tickler simultaneously to the woman’s sexual organs creating an awesome orgasm. There is also a unique strap-on sex toy that straps on the chin and allows the wearer to lick and eat the pussy while the dong penetrates from under the mouth.

The Clitoral Strap-ons & Butterflies:

A fun women sex toy that adds excitement to any woman’s sexual encounter is having a beautiful clitoral butterfly to stimulate the clitoris either discreetly in a panty or strapped on to the clit during sexual intercourse with the woman’s partner. The Asian Butterfly is a little chunk of sex toy stimulation to strap on during and sexual encounter. The remote control butterfly is also a good one for discreet take along sexual pleasure. A great strap on for a both a man and woman’s pleasure is the Hearts Delight Butterfly Strap on Massager because it vibrates the vagina while it has a tightening effect on the penis. A sweet and discreet sex toy that is great for the office or even while doing dishes it is the Remote Control Panties sex toy. Do not forget to check our entire line of Butterfly Strap-on Vibrators.

Other Hot Sex Toys for Women:

We recommend using a variety of sex toys to meet all the pleasure needs of a woman’s body. There are some highly recommended and very popular women massager sex toys. A series of female massager sex toys were invented by a woman doctor, Dr. Laura Berman and her best selling sex toy is The Aphrodite Massager. She also has a very popular Romeo Waterproof G-Spot Vibrator.

A fun filled set of sex toys for lesbians is the For the Girlz Pipedream bag filled with lubricant, Tightening cream, stimulation cream, a mini massager, bondage tape, a fantasy mask, hot wax candles, strap on harness, a double dong, a rubber dong and nipple jewelry.

Vibeshop.com is top choice for all a woman’s sex toy and romance enhancing needs. We have friendly customer support; we ship with discreet packaging and ship worldwide. For further information call us toll free at 866-427-0999 or for international callers please call 909-625-5430.

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