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Your fantasy for cockrings continues with selections that only Vibeshop.com can bring to your front door.  Be our guest when shopping with us you will find the right cockrings with no hassles.  Whether the Crazy Vibrating Cockrings for Couples for both you and your partner to enjoy or Super Silicone Cockrings that allows you to stay harder longer you’ll find everything you’ll need in one place. We are dedicated to not only making bedroom play fun and exciting but affordable too. Experience a new way of shopping and forever change the way you think of bedroom play.

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Cock Rings

Cock rings are very popular these days for men of all race and size. Men choose cock rings for different reasons not just for orgasmic pleasures although that is one of the end results but it can also be worn as a toy, used in masturbation or as jewelry. Whatever the reason Vibeshop.com is offers a wide range of variety to fit the kind of man you want to be.

Vibrating cock rings deliver a wide range of enjoyment. One of Vibeshop.com most popular is the Diving Dolphin Cock Ring which allows you to run a bullet across the top of the shaft for clitoral stimulation and against the bottom of the penis for tightening vibrations.

Some men prefer to carry a little extra in their underwear especially when wearing form fitting clothes. Metal cage cock rings not only make your penis stand out but can excite and stunning to look at.

Vibeshop.com recommends the Metal Worx Cock Cage they are sleek and simple to clean.  Its weight will add sensations to your swing and excitement to your partner.


If you are new to wearing cockrings then go simple with the Donut Cockrings. There super stretchy and great for beginners who want to explore sex toys with their partner.


Perhaps you enjoy BDSM play in your relationships?  The 6000 Designer Collection Male Chastity Device sold at Vibeshop.com is the way to go. A chastity belt is a locking cage designed to prevent sexual intercourse.  Chastity’s restrict you from touching your genitals for sexual pleasure and gives the key holder control over the sexual fulfillment of both partners.

We never lose sight of making people feel good through offering great products and with so many selections Vibeshop.com will prepare you to master all your pleasures in no time.

We are proud of our cockring selection. You will find super quality cockrings, including cockrings that are rechargeable as well. If you are new to cockrings you can always find ones for beginners. Bottom line all kinds of penis rings will be found here at our website where our customer service is our priority.



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